“The Bridge.”


Summer Alexander, Writer

It was just a regular Sunday afternoon when I decided I would go to do something positive for my community. After arriving home from Sunday school, I got changed out of my dress clothes and into one of my regular every day outfits. Then I walked to my room, grabbing a white poster board and some markers in various colors. I went downstairs to the kitchen, drawing out a couple words on the poster board that laid there in front of me. My mother having seen what I was doing as she walked by into the kitchen asked me about my poster.

“What are you writing that for?” my mother asked.

“I wanted to do something nice for the community, and if I can, I hope that this may bring some people joy.” I responded.

“Well, that’s very sweet of you to do for everyone. I think that a good place for you to do that could be the little single-lane bridge just down the road.” my mother said.

“On the bridge or beside it?” I asked.

“Probably on the bridge, but on the park of it that is outside the line of where the cars drive. Then you can park your car just in the parking lot of the store right beside it.” my mother responded.

“Okay, thank you mother.” I said.

“No problem, have fun with it.” my mother said.

I then attempted to complete the writing on my poster, using a black marker on the white poster. I used the black marker because I imagined that it would stand out the best to the cars passing by if the letters were in a darker color. Having finished my poster, I grabbed it and my car keys, heading outside to the driveway. I left the markers at home, but brought the poster with me. I then got in my car, driving to the store that was right beside the little bridge. It wasn’t too much of a ways away from the house, so that was a good thing. Either way, this bridge was still used a bunch by cars to drive on. As I parked my car a nearby store’s parking lot, I got out of my car bringing the poster with me. As I made it onto the bridge, I decided to stand in the center of the no driving area. Holding up the sign towards the cars, I got some people who honked at me, some who didn’t, and even some responses from some people who walked by on the sidewalk. You may be wondering at this point, what did my poster say? My poster read, “Having a bad day or feeling stressed? Free hugs if desired.” I held the sign up for about two or three hours while I stood there on the sidewalk on the side of the bridge. But by the time I started to get tired, I thought of going home. Even though I was tired, I decided not to go home because I wanted to do more good for the community. But while I was still standing there with my sign up during the fourth hour of me being there, I noticed that there was this little boy who looked about my age who was standing there looking at the water that laid below the high bridge. The little boy had been there since I first raised my sign. Not knowing whether the boy was okay or not, I decided to talk to him.

“Hey, are you okay? I noticed you’ve been standing there just staring at the water for quite a while, a couple hours to be exact.” I said.

The boy didn’t speak.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to speak, but if there’s something bothering you, you can talk to me if you need.” I said.

The boy sat there silent for a few seconds before turning towards me.

“There was something bothering me with school. There is this group of three or four kids, who in my school are popular, that have been bullying and making fun of me for a little while. They’ve been doing it since middle school, and somehow I’ve made my way through it all. But it was only two days ago, on Friday, when they did the worst of it all. They made fun of me in such a way to say that I shouldn’t exist, and they told me that I should just not even bother coming to school on Monday or else they would do something to me. And that Monday is tomorrow. Ever since the bullying first started in middle school, I’ve been down and depressed because of it. I had told my father about it, since my mother had passed in a crash a couple years ago. My father had taken care of it, but the true heart of the situation was never settled because I didn’t tell him it was because of the kids bullying and making fun of me. It was also partially because of my family, too. I am an only child, with no mother, and a currently single father. I don’t really have any friends in school, but there are these people who will sometimes say hello to me as I pass by in the halls. And just last night I was thinking about everything that has been making me as depressed as I am, and I for some reason had decided to write a note to my father saying my final goodbyes. And so, as soon as he left for work this morning, I went into his office and left the note on his desk. So, once he gets home from work today, he’ll know about it. And then he’ll know I’m gone. I have been sitting here ever since he left after I set the note on his office desk. I knew he would be upset about it, but I just couldn’t handle any more of the stress or sadness. I’m here right now because I was planning to take my life.” the young boy said.

“Well, you may not realize it now, but there are so many people in this world who care about you. More than you might know about. And if you took your life right now, all of those people would be upset. And some situations for people might not be the same without you there with them. So, for those reasons and more, try not to take your life. Think about the true reason why you’re attempting to do it, and whether or not you can get over these things no matter the difficulty.” I said.

“That’s why I’ve been here for so long. I sat here thinking about all of the people that might miss me, and whether or not I should truly do it. But, I’m more on the side of not doing it, but I still do think I should at the same time.” the boy said.

“Well, maybe I could help you if you want. Just talk to me a little bit. What’s your name?” I asked.

“My first name is Josh. I attend the high school just down the road from this bridge.” Josh said.

“Well, nice to meet you Josh, my name is Amelia. I also happen to attend that high school. What grade are you in this year?” I asked.

“This year is my Senior year.” Josh responded.

“Cool, mine too. You don’t really seem familiar to me, who do you have for 4th?” I asked.

“I don’t remember her name, but she’s the math teacher with dark hair.” Josh said.

“I have her for 5th. I don’t remember you being from any of my classes. Then again, the year kinda just started.” I said.

“I can tell you which classes I have if at all you think you could identify them to be the same as yours.” Josh said.

“Sure.” I said.

So, Josh proceeded to tell me about his schedule, and I ended up finding out that we had just one class together.

“I have the same class you do for 3rd, History.” I said.

“That’s cool, history has always been my favorite because we just get to learn about the rest of the world around us.” Josh said.

“I myself haven’t always been a fan of History, but I do not hate it.” I said.

The boy sat there silently for a few moments not saying a word.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, just thinking about it again.” Josh said.

“Well, if you want I can leave you be for now. Just please tell me that you will not do it. And if you need help with the bullies, just talk to me about them if you need and I could help you settle your issue with them.” I said.

I then walked back to the middle of the sidewalk away from the boy. Just as I did, I stood there with my sign up again. But, only a few minutes after having held it up once more, a larger van had pulled aside right in front of me.

“Hello young woman, we’re with the local news station and were wondering if we’d be able to feature your story in the paper this week. And if people like it enough, it could end up going to the local news station where they could show it on television.” the news reporter said.

“Uh, what story if you don’t mind me asking?” I asked.

“With the sign you’ve been holding up for hours. One of the other reporters saw you doing this on their way to work this morning, and told me about it. I’m the one person who looks at all of the stories and articles that get submitted to the weekly paper. And since the next paper comes out tomorrow, we could type it up this afternoon and get it in for the paper tomorrow. Plus, we’re still deciding what story to choose for the front cover, so yours might be it.” the news reporter said.

“Sure, but how long will this take?” I asked.

“Not too long, we just want to ask you a few questions about what you’ve been doing with this.” the news reporter said.

“Okay, go ahead then.” I said.

Just as another news reporter had stepped out of the van, the first one had went back to it. The news reporter that stepped out from the van came to me, ready with some questions.

“Alright, first we want to know your name and age.” the second news reporter asked.

“My first name is Amelia, and as of right now I’m 17 years old.” I said.

“And do you by chance attend any of the nearby schools?” the second news reporter asked.

“Yes, the one just on the other side of this bridge.” I said.

“Alright, and that’s Careview correct?” the second news reporter asked.

“Yes, Careview High.” I responded.

After asking two more questions, something had happened when someone came running up towards us.

“I’m sorry, but I must ask are you the young lady with a first name of Amelia that my son speaks of?” a man had asked, then revealing his son from behind him.

“Yes, that’s her.” Josh said before I had the chance to say anything.

“Young lady, thank you so much, you really made a difference in my son’s life today. You saved him from taking his own life. I don’t know how I’d ever be able to thank you enough for it.” the man said.

I felt happy at that moment, knowing that I actually had saved someone from something like this.

“No problem, I am glad to know I was able to help you guys.” I said.

“Thank you.” Josh said.

“No problem.” I said.

I gave him a hug to try to help him calm down, and to possibly help him to stop crying.

“Remember, I’m here for you to talk to me if you need.” I whispered.

As I returned back to the direction of the news reporter, she asked the father something.

“Wait a moment, you’re saying that this young lady saved your son from taking his own life?” the second news reporter asked.

“Yes, she most certainly did. My son told me that he decided not to do it to himself because of what she had done to help him.” the father said.

“Okay, if you and your son wouldn’t mind, would you both be okay with it if I included this in her newspaper feature?” the second news reporter asked.

“Of course I would, but it is up to my son.” the father said.

“I’m alright with it.” Josh said.

After a little bit of time, the news reporters had left once they were finished with asking questions and taking pictures. Then Josh and his father left, and I continued to hold that sign up right in the middle of the sidewalk.

~The End~

Hello dear reader, I hope you may have enjoyed the inspiring story. If you may have noticed, there was a bit of a moral to this story. And to go along with this story, I’ve got a quote. “Little acts of kindness go a long way”. Hopefully you readers may have an idea of some way that you might be able to spread joy to others through random small acts of kindness. Did you enjoy the story, and did you think it was inspiring? If you did, and also thought it was inspiring, do you think you would want to read some more inspiring stories? Tell me below!