Getting Your Work Done in Quarantine

Getting Your Work Done in Quarantine

Mattie Goad

As someone who has been quarantined I can say that it is difficult to keep up with class work at home. As we all know this year is so much different than other years like people getting quarantined because they sit beside someone. Getting work done while at home without being taught can be difficult. Most students at Macon County Jr. High have been quarantined this year at least once. At home you can sleep as much as you want and do your work whenever you want, however this can be bad since people can get distracted at home and not finish their work which can have consequences like zeros being put in for your grades.

Here are some things that you can do to keep up with your work at home:

#1 As soon as you wake up check the agendas that teachers post daily and see what you need to do in that class for that day

#2 DO NOT put assignments off for another hour or two because most likely you will get side tracked and the teacher can’t tell you that you need to do something unless its a email

#3 Make a checklist of all the assignments you need to accomplish that day and mark them off so you don’t forget them

#4 Email your teachers (mostly during school hours because that is when they will check their email) don’t be afraid to ask them if you completed something or ask them how to do something is your not sure

#5 Check the classroom app/website multiple times a day to make sure that you have all your assignments done