A Challenging Year for School Nurses


Madison McClard, Student Features Editor

We all know just how hard doctors, nurses, and many other health care employees are working during these tough times. As most of you know our school nurse, Mrs. Tina Parrish, has worked very hard to keep students and faculty safe. Despite all the challenges this far, she still comes to work every day with a smile on her face.

She became a nurse 16 years ago. She received her nursing degree in 2005 from The Tennessee Technology Center of Hartsville. She has been a school nurse for 11 years, and she has only ever worked here as a school nurse. However, before she became a school nurse, she worked as a dispatcher for police fire and EMS. She says what she loves about her job is her schedule and being able to help students.

This year has been especially hard for her and everyone else all around. She says Covid has made her job difficult this year. Making decisions about when or when not to send students home is always a challenging task. However, no matter how hard Covid gets Mrs. Tina will always love her job and help students.


Thank you, Mrs. Tina!