How to Believe in God


Haeley Gibbs, How To

Everyone knows 2020 was a horrible year, beginning with wild fires and ending with Covid-19. Some people don’t even know if God is here after all the bad things He let happen. People need to know that He will be with us through thick and thin, so I will be telling you how to get through the year of 2021.

Go to Church

If people go to church more often, they will know that He and Jesus will never leave our sides. We are all His children and should love each other as though we were siblings. You could even go to church on Sunday nights, depending on which one you choose. No matter what church you choose, God’s soul will be there.

Read the Bible

Reading the bible will show you all the wonders He did. Even though you weren’t alive then, He can still do that today. If you have ever encountered a time where you almost died, but survived, the Lord was helping you. He will never let you down.

The Story of A Man

I once heard a story from a person at my church. This man was doing bad things like getting drunk. He decided to go home while being drunk. While driving down the road, he starts swerving and his car flips. The car does a full spin and stops on the driver’s side. Whenever it did stop, he had not a single scratch and was perfectly fine. God had saved his life.

After that story, I hope you know that you mustn’t give up on Him. He will not give up on you either. I hope you learn about Him more, and if you would like a suggestion to a church, comment below!