Benefits of School Uniforms


Summer Alexander

Do you think school uniforms help or harm the students? In my opinion, I believe that they would help the students and staff who wear them. School uniforms could help them identify intruders easier, and could help those students who are less fortunate when it comes to clothing.

One way that school uniforms could be a benefit is that they could be used to help identify whether a person in the school building is or is not an intruder. According to information from google sources, violence and crime at school translates to a rate of 29 situations per 1,000 students enrolled in the school year of 2017-2018. And in that same year, 47% of schools reported one or more situations of violence, theft, or other crimes to the police. If school uniforms are made for the students and staff only, then anyone else wouldn’t have them. So that nothing like this happens, students and staff could turn in the uniforms at the end of the school year so that they are not used for things such as this in the future. And if the students and staff are the only people who have and wear the uniforms, then intruders could easily be identified if they are not wearing one.

A second way in which school uniforms could be beneficial is that they could be a help to those students who may be less fortunate when it comes to clothing. In many schools, there are a few students who are not very fortunate when it comes to clothing, and those same students may not have the money to afford new clothing for school. If school uniforms were given out to students each year, this would help the ones who are less fortunate to not worry about having to spend money for new clothing. This also would, in a way, help the less fortunate students to not get bullied or made fun of as often because of their clothing.

Now having read of two ways that school uniforms could be a benefit to those who are students and staff, are you for or against them? Why or why would you be for or against them? Have either of my reasons helped to build your opinion of being for school uniforms? Do you agree or disagree with either of the reasons in which I gave? Comment your thoughts below!