Movie Review: Soul


Ben Hall

Due to the fact that most theaters are STILL closed, certain streaming apps such as VUDU and Disney+ have some movies that should currently be in theaters able to be watched on said channels. Recently, a movie that should be in theaters was released on Disney+ called Soul. The movie was actually better than I had expected. Just a reminder, the rest of the article does contain big spoilers, so if you have Disney+, watch the movie before continuing to read this article.


The movie begins with a man named Joe, who just got a full time job as a band teacher at a middle school in New York City. After getting in a gig with his favorite jazz artist, he ends up falling down a hole, as his soul leaves his body. To get away from “crossing over,” he acts as a mentor for Soul #22. After finding his body, Joe tries to get in it, but ends up inside the therapy cat on his lap, as 22 takes over his body. After lots of struggling, Soul 22 gets her Earth Pass, and Joe complains about that she only got it being in his body. After realizing what he has done, Joe heads back into the spirit world to confront 22 after she became a lost soul. As 22 finally goes down to Earth, Joe waits to go into “The Great Beyond.” However, he is stopped and told he gets a second chance, and one of the most heartwarming endings in Disney history takes place.

In conclusion, Soul is a really good movie. The plot is a little hard to catch onto at first, but as the movie goes on it becomes easier to follow. One of the best parts was the classic, satisfying, Disney Pixar ending. If you need to watch a feelgood movie, this is a good recommendation.