The True Meaning Of Valentine’s Day

The True Meaning Of Valentines Day

Cadie Wohlgamuth

Everyday on February 14 is Valentine’s Day or as some people call it “The day of love.” Valentine’s Day is very special to some people because they think of it as “the day of love.” Some people might get with family and celebrate the holiday or might just stay home, but do we actually know the true meaning of “Valentine’s Day?”

It all started back in 3rd century A.D. There was a king name Emperor Claudius II. He executed two men, named Valentine, on February 14. The same days but 3 years apart. Their death was honored by the Catholic Church. Later in that same year they discover 2 more men named Valentine. The third one was a priest while the fourth one was a bishop. In fact, they both lived near each of the Valentine’s.¬† Other stories have been told differently about the 4 Valentine’s.

Ever since that day Valentine’s Day has been celebrated to show how much love you give to that special someone, or to give love to your family and friends. So this year on Valentine’s Day make sure the ones you love know it.