The Myth Behind Wishing Wells


Madison McClard

At some point throughout your life, I’m sure you have thrown a penny or two into a wishing well, but have you ever wondered why we started this tradition? Well, the term “wishing well” comes from folklore that told that whenever someone threw a coin into a well their wish would come true. Hints the name “wishing well.” The granted wish was supposedly a gift from the gods.

There is a correct way to make a wish. You’re supposed to locate a wishing well (it doesn’t have to be a specific one.) Then, you need to choose a coin that is special to you. (I didn’t know that. I guess that’s why some of my wishes don’t ever come true.) You’re even supposed to say your wish out loud. You know what they say you learn something new every day.

Next time you make a wish remember these easy steps. And remember even if it doesn’t come true, it was still fun to throw a coin or two into the wishing well.