How To Survive Middle School


Haeley Gibbs, How To

Middle school has finally arrived. Now that it is, we have to find a way to survive. If not, everyone would be tardy, someone will be in the wrong class, or you would have no friends. Some people make the wrong choices and have their friend(s) turn on them. I’m here to tell you how to avoid those horrid things.

1.   One way to survive is to have a map of the school in your mind. No one wants to be tardy. Once you know the whole map, you can draw it out on paper. If you have a really good memory, you don’t have to. Some people even use the numbers above classroom doors.

2.   Now everyone faces this problem. People think it is going to be pretty easy, but they haven’t met the worse. There is a ton of homework–so much that you won’t be finished until 11:00 at night! You must be ready to face middle school’s challenges. Some days you might not have homework, but that is pretty rare.

3.   An essential part of middle school is to have your schedule. Just because you have a map of the school doesn’t mean you can’t be tardy to a class. To not be tardy, keep your schedule in a binder you take place to place or in a homework folder. Maybe you can show your classes to your parents.

These are only 3 steps of middle school. If this is not enough, it is okay to visit Once it shows “What will you learn today?” Type in how to survive middle school.


Have a great rest of the school year!