Tone Indicators


Harley Ritter

Tone indicators have become quite popular recently. A tone indicator is like a symbol after a text that shows what tone your speaking in. (For example /j means joking) This helps with communicating online by getting rid of confusion. For example, if you commented on someones Instagram post “That’s SOOOO cool.” and the person who posted the photo took it in a sarcastic tone when in reality it was meant to be genuine. Do you see how this could cause confusion? That’s why tone indicators can be of assistance when communicating online. So instead of saying “That’s SOOOO cool.” you’d say something like “That’s SOOOO cool /pc”

Some Different Tone Indicators

  • /j – joking
  • /hj – half joking
  • /s – sarcastic
  • /srs – serious
  • /lh – lighthearted
  • /pc – positive connotation/ meant to be taken in a kind manner
  • /nc – negative connotation/ meant to be taken in a mean manner


Tiktok’s comment sections is actually one of the places that this whole “tone indicators” thing started. It’s become sort of like a trend going across the internet. Weirdly enough however, many people don’t know about tone indicators. Try to use them next time you comment on someones post so other people can see it. If more people know about them, more people will use them. The more that people use them the more likely misunderstandings are to not happen.

What are your opinions on tone indicators? Do you use them when you communicate on the internet?