How to Make a Snowman


Winter comes every year. Of course, you are going to go play in the snow. While thinking of something to do, let me give you an idea. Build a snowman! Don’t know how to make one? Just follow these five easy steps.

First of all, you must find a flat stable area. This will help you keep your snowman up. If it is not flat or stable enough, he will either be tilted, or just keep falling over. You must also make sure your space has the perfect packing snow. You must keep a lookout for yellow snow or your snowman will not be a “snow”man.

Next, take a handful of snow and turn it into a snowball. It must be good and round for a better snowman. Start rolling the ball into the other snow around you until it is the size you want. Make sure it is big enough, because there are three parts to the body. As you go up, it gets smaller. You do not want a snowman that has fat legs and face.

Then, start repeating the process, but make each snowball smaller than the other. If your snowman is big and tall, it is OK to ask for some assistance from a parent or guardian. You can also ask your older brother or sister. It may even turn into a family activity!

Last, but not least, find some decorative tools. You don’t have to use a carrot for the nose! If you are wanting to be really creative, give him rocks for eyes, raisins for the mouth, sticks for arms, and a pine cone for the nose. You can even add sticks at the bottom to make it look like he is sitting down. You can also add a scarf, hat, and gloves so he can stay warm. Now you have made a snowman! Even if it doesn’t look as good as you thought, at least you had fun.

Merry Christmas!