Christmas is Going to be a Little Different

Christmas is Going to be a Little Different

Harley Ritter

This year as been extremely hectic. We’ve had a lot of things change this year. Christmas isn’t going to be any different. Things like getting your picture with Santa and ordering gifts are going to be a struggle.

Santa’s Skipping?

Do you remember the Santa that would visit Macy’s every year? He isn’t going to be visiting this year because of the corona pandemic. This will be the first time in 159 years! It turns out that a lot of the places that have Santa show up to take pictures with kids won’t be coming this year. It seems to be the ending of a tradition that has been going on for what seems like forever. Cherry Hill Programs is offering a way to chat with Santa virtually. They plan on letting kids get onto Zoom calls with him.

Ordering Gifts Online

We all know how shopping during holiday season can be. Because of the hectic situation is stores at the moment, many parents are ordering gifts online. This happens to be making shipping delay quite a bit. A lot of people have been ordering things online the past year because of the global pandemic. The whole year shipping company have been struggling to get things shipped in time. Imagine how much pressure they have on their backs during holiday season. They have so many people ordering things online that it’s extremely hard to keep up. If your order seems to be taking a little bit longer than promised, please keep in mind that many people are ordering online at the moment.


Are you ordering anything? If so, has it been delayed?