Religious Discrimination

Harley Ritter


84% of the world’s population consider themselves religious. Although that’s most of the population, there still continues to be discrimination against people because of their religion. Religious discrimination is treating a person unfavorably because of their religious beliefs. A lot of the time religious intolerant remarks surprisingly come from someone of a opposing religion. Not only is it just outright morally wrong to harass someone because of their religious beliefs, but it’s also illegal in many countries. That still doesn’t seem to stop people from being hateful.


There should be more awareness towards the issue that occurs just about everywhere we go. It isn’t just something that goes on between adults. Kids that believe in a unpopular religion are bullied everyday. Muslim people especially seem to be discriminated against because of this popular “idea” that all Muslims are terrorist. Imagine that people were constantly tormenting you because you looked like your stereotypical bomber. This isn’t an issue that should just be pushed aside.

What are your opinions on the matter? Do you think there needs to be more awareness towards this issue?