What is Christmas Really About?


Madison McClard

Some people think Christmas is about gifts. While others think it is about the movies and the snow. All of these answers may be what we look forward to on Christmas. However, it isn’t what Christmas is about at all. It’s about Jesus’s birth. December 25 was originally known as Christ-mass. It was the day Jesus was born. He is celebrated on this day to honor him. We celebrate this day he came into the world, to later bring joy and be a light in the world. Christ(mass) meaning a mass service to honor God, was how Christmas got it’s name. But most people have forgotten this Christmas Spirit.

Often people get very caught up in their work and jobs during the holidays. This year, especially is in need of Christmas cheer. With all that has happened, it is important to focus on family and love this time of year. Family and friends are so dear to so many people’s hearts. One way people celebrate this day, is by going to church. Some other ways people celebrate Christmas is by watching movies. So, grab a warm cup of hot chocolate and remember as this season comes around what it is really about.