5 DIY Christmas Projects


Alisabeth Delgado

1. Fluffy Santa Slime


medium size bowl

red glitter glue 4.5-5 oz

1/4 cup of water

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

4 cups of unscented shaving cream

liquid red food coloring

2 tbsp contact solution

a jar

wide black ribbon

gold glitter foam paper,

hot glue

two black buttons.

Steps for the Jar

Step one: hot glue a piece of the black ribbon onto the jar.

Step two: now glue the gold glitter foam paper on the black ribbon.

Step three: glue the two buttons on the jar.

Steps for the Slime

Step one: pour the red glue into the bowl with the water and stir.

Step two: add the baking soda and keep stirring

Step three: add the shaving cream and a lot of red food coloring.

Step four:add some of the contact solution.

Step five: knead the slime to form.

2. Pipe Cleaner Card


green pipe cleaners

pen of any color

card stock

hot glue

gold paper


Steps for the Card

Step one: fold the card stock in half

Step two: bend the pipe cleaner in to a Christmas tree figure,then hot glue it to the front of the card stock.

Step tree: cut a star shaped piece of gold paper and add to the top of the Christmas tree.

Step four:add a personal note inside.

3. Christmas Treat Cups


paper cups (brown, white, red)

googly eyes

orange and brown construction paper

black wide ribbon

glitter gold foam paper

pom pom balls (red)

marker (black)


glue sticks


cellophane bags.

Steps for the Santa Cup

Step one: glue a piece of ribbon around a red cup

Step two: glue the glitter gold on the black ribbon

Steps for the Reindeer Cup

Step one: cut out two antler shapes out of the brown construction paper and glue to the inside of the cup.

Step two: glue on the googly eyes and pom pom balls

Steps for the Snowman Cup

Step one: glue on two googly eyes

Step two: cut out a triangular shape from the orange construction paper and glue under the googly eyes

Step three: using the black marker draw a smile.

Steps for the Treat Bags

Step one: take the bags and fill with candy

Step two: tie the bags with the twin

Step three: place inside of cups

4. Reindeer Candy-Filled Mason Jars



brown paint

pom pom balls

googly eyes

chocolates balls

brown pipe cleaners

Steps for the Mason Jar

Step one: paint the middle section with brown paint

Step two: glue googly eyes and pom poms

Step three: open jar and place chocolate inside

Step four: form antlers with pipe cleaners and glue to jar lid

5.Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments


Chocolate chips


hot cocoa mix

small marshmallows

plastic ornaments.

Steps for the Ornaments

Step one: open the ornament and pour hot cocoa mix in

Step two: add sprinkles

Step three: add chocolate

Step four: add marshmallows and close ornament


I hope you are able to try one of these fun DIYS over the holiday break! Merry Christmas!