MCJH Cheerleaders


Cadie Wohlgamuth

Cheer is one of those sports that really doesn’t get noticed. In fact, many people really don’t think cheer is a sport, so I decided to ask the MCJH cheerleaders what there thoughts are on cheer, and why they like it.

Jolee Oliver

Q. What do you like about cheer?

A.  I like getting to cheer with and meet new people.


Belle Thompson

Q. What do you like about being a cheerleader?

A.  Being able to cheer with other people, and I also like to cheer for MCJH.


Kurston Trisdale

Q. Does it ever get boring as a cheerleader?

A. No, I think it is very fun. I plan to do this even in collage.


Jacqueline Matias

Q. Is it ever hard being a cheerleader?

A.  Yes, because it is hard to work with other people when they do not understand.


Olivia White

Q. When did you start cheer, and why did you start?

A. I started cheer in the beginning of 6th grade. I started cheer to make more friends.


Angela Perez

Q. What stunting position are you, and why do you like it?

A. I am both base and flyer. Why I like being the flyer it is fun to try new things. Why I like being the base is that even though I have all the trust on me, it is still fun to do something new that I have never tried before.


Featured Photo Credit: Julie Collins Photography