Black Friday Chaos


Grace Clevenger

We all know our beloved holiday Black Friday, but due to Covid-19 we can’t really do the things we normally do. Black Friday is normally all about going out, crowding in stores, and getting amazing deals on things that normally cost way to much. This year we have to be much safer than we have been. Even though it is a fun way to celebrate with families, we have to take precautions. If you do go out shopping you should always wear a mask and keep hand sanitizer on you until you leave the store, especially if the store has a requirement. We don’t want another Covid-19 outbreak.

On Black Friday people trample over each other and fight over every little thing like if someone else took the thing you wanted. This leads to another one of my points, sometimes people get into physical fights over this. This may seem completely stupid to you, but yes, people literally fight over this kind of stuff. If you’re like me and don’t like being outside or in public, crowded places during this pandemic, there are some other alternatives to going out and buying things.

One of the things you could do is just do online shopping. With online shopping, you can get the same deals from the safety of your own home. Online shopping would save so much time and wouldn’t risk your safety and health by going out and you never know what could happen. You could still find the same deals online than in store, and a lot of things in stores that are sold out are normally online if not in store which means if you really wanted it you could buy it anyways. Wherever you go there’s always a chance of you or others coming in contact with someone who had it just make it so it is safe for other people surrounding you. Plus, Cyber Monday offers some amazing deals for online shopping.