The Struggles of Being an Unsupported Sport

The Under-Rated Sport: Golf

The Struggles of Being an Unsupported Sport

Mattie Goad

When given the word’s sports, many think about football, baseball, or basketball. Some sports go unseen and are never talked about. Golf is a sport that many think is for “rich” people or that its for older people. You don’t have to be rich to play golf you just have to buy clubs and more gear, which the price ranges, but you can find sets for cheap. It is true that many older people play golf, but that isn’t anything bad. It just means that you have the opportunity to continue the game as long as you want.

Many don’t think of golf being a sport because there isn’t any physical contact, but that isn’t true while playing golf and walking the course you burn a lot of calories. The Macon County Golf Course is a little over a mile long and for school golf we have to walk and carry our bags to each hole.

Golf is the one of the most mental sports there is. People may think golf is a easy sport, but you can’t play good without a lot of practice. You have to make contact at the right time and right spot on the ball and club to hit a good shot which takes a lot of practice.

In most sports you need a team or multiple people to practice, but with golf, you can play by yourself to prefect your game. Many scholarships are given out for golf girls and boys. Unlike many sports, you can play golf even when you get older as many people do. You don’t have to run or do hard workouts for golf either. For practice you get to play around with your friends. Golf is an amazing sport that, although it is really difficult to master but it is great and fun to do in your free time.