The Election


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Harley Ritter

It wouldn’t be 2020 without a messy election. To give some background knowledge, Joe R. Biden, who is the Democratic candidate, was running against Donald J. Trump, who has been our U.S. Republican president for the last four years. As of today, Joe Biden has passed the 270 mark. It seems like a normal thing that happens every 4 years, but like I said earlier, it wouldn’t be 2020 without something going wrong.

Back to the Basics

This year, voting conditions are much different than the past years due to the coronavirus. The biggest difference has to do with the mail-in ballots. (I previously wrote an article about the issue with the mail-in ballots called How the Coronavirus Will Effect the Election that would help explain the situation with mail-in ballots more.) States like Pennsylvania and Ohio allow their mail-in ballots to arrive after Election Day. This has caused these states to seemingly jump between candidates which has started a lot of controversy since many people don’t know the reason the states were leaning towards a specific candidate, but ended up giving their electoral votes to the opposite candidate. The reason behind this is that most of the mail-in ballots are most likely in favor of the Democratic candidate, Joe R. Biden. It has been proven previously that Democrats are more likely to vote by mail than Republicans are (which causes most of the mail-in votes to go in Joe Biden’s favor). People tend to however not know this information and just automatically believe that it has got to do with “cheating”.

The Main Issue

Donald J. Trump is currently working on calling for a recount in multiple states (including Pennsylvania) because he believes the mail-in ballots are “rigged.” He insists that he has won the election even though it is open to the public that Joe Biden has passed the 270 electoral vote mark already. In basic understanding, Joe Biden has won the 2020 election however Donald Trump insists that the votes are not “legal.” There is no information to back up his claim other than the mail-in ballots continuously going in Joe Biden’s favor (which has been proven to just be because most mail-in ballots are Democratic favoring.)

Not many states have made in official that a recount will be occurring any time soon. Georgia Secretary of State has stated that a recount is expected in Georgia because of how close the votes are. Many people who stand with Donald Trump do believe that if certain battleground states do a recount, the result will be much different than it is now. On the other hand, most everyone who stands with the Democratic nominee Joe Biden believe the result will not change. There is no way of telling whether or not Joe Biden will still be in the lead.


What are your opinions on how the election is going? Did you expect this to happen?