MCJH Basketball News

MCJH Basketball News

Cadie Wohlgamuth

Basketball in Macon County is finally started! The boys and girls basketball team had their first basketball game on November 2, 2020. On November 3, 2020 I asked Coach Maxfield (the boys basketball coach) some questions about what he thought about the games so far.


Q. What is it like being the basketball coach, and why do you like it?

A. It is great being a coach of a game that I love to play, but getting to coach this
team, and for MCJH is amazing and a true blessing!! I had a former coach and
friend to tell me one time that playing the game is fun, but being a coach is more
rewarding! Over my coaching career, I have learned what he meant by it.
Teaching every player how to play the game and watching them grow and
become more than they thought they ever could be, makes what I’m doing more
than just a game.


Q. What do you expect from the team this year?

A. We, as a coaching staff, have very high expectations for this team, but I feel the players have even higher expectations. We know what opportunities we have this year, and we are determined to reach the goals we have set! We want to set the standard of what Macon County Boys Basketball is for years to come.


Q. What do you think your team’s strength is this year?

A. The strengths of this year’s team are defense and family!
I love defense, and I have coached some good defensive teams in my career,
but none like this team! The speed, the anticipation, and the relentless
determination to shut the opponent down is by far the best I have ever coached!
Family, this to me is the most important! Families love each other and fight for
each other. This quality makes this team special!


Q. Do you think your team has any weakness this year?

A. This team doesn’t really have any weaknesses, but if I had to name an
advantage most teams have on us, it would be height. Height can be a big factor
in basketball, but so can speed. We are blessed with speed!


Q. Do you think you will have a good season this year?

A. I believe we can have a great season this year! This team is fun to coach and very fun to watch! We are just hoping and praying that COVID-19 will not ruin the season for us.


Q. Do you think you will be able to make up most of the games that are being
postponed due to being quarantined?

A. That’s a tough question to answer. We have already had to reschedule one
game and lost a couple of others due to teams being quarantined. We have been
able to pick up other games, but our open dates are getting few and far between.
If more teams have to cancel, then we may not be able to make those games up.