The Deal

Shaving Coach Coffee’s Head


Noah Hansen, School Events Editor

Have you ever done something crazy just because of a deal? Well, our very own Coach Coffee has. He risked his hair on the deal of an undefeated season. To top it all, the MCJH football boys ended up shaving Coach Coffee’s head.

“Wouldn’t you regret it?” we asked Coach Coffee. He didn’t. He said, “I’ve been keeping it shaved and plan to keep it shaved through the new year.”

Of course I had to know this, “Now, why in the world would you want to make that deal?” In his words exactly, he said, “I wanted to help motivate them to finish the season 10-0, so what better way than to get you to shave your coach’s head. This was also a deal made the previous year, but it never happened because we lost.”


When asked if he wished the team had forgotten about it, he replied, “Naw, I was glad to sacrifice what was left of my hair to the team.”

Seeming happy and proud, he ended our conversation by saying, “I just want to say how proud I am of every boy on the team. You made this season a season to remember. Also, a big thank you to our manager Eli Gammon, we couldn’t have done it without you bud. Let’s do it again next year, 7th graders. At the start of the season I will start to let my hair grow out again.”