Why Are People So Hateful Towards A.O.C?


Harley Ritter

Why are people so hateful towards A.O.C? Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, also known as A.O.C, has been receiving hate from fellow representatives for over two years.

For some background knowledge, A.O.C was elected as a New York representative on June 26, 2018. She is the youngest representative at the moment at the age of 31. Ever since she won the election, she has been receiving bitter feedback from people as well known as the current president. Just recently Ted Yoho (Representative from Florida’s 3rd congressional district) ran into A.O.C after casting his vote. During this brief encounter, he went up to her and called her things like ¨disgusting¨ and called her a really disrespectful profanity when walking away from her. Our president, Donald J. Trump, mocked her intelligence at a rally in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania by saying “She did go to college, right?” She is constantly receiving bitter comments from fellow representatives and others. Not only is it completely rude, but also incredibly unprofessional.

Why is A.O.C Receiving These Remarks?

The real answer to this question is misogyny and ageism. Most of the remarks she is receiving has something to do with her gender and her age. Many people try to make the argument that shes receiving hate because the things she stands for are “too controversial.” She does stand with a few controversial political topics, but everyone in office sides with something that’s a little bit controversial. It would be hypocritical to not like her for that reason alone. In all reality, it’s mostly because of her age and gender.

Although you’d expect A.O.C to be discouraged by this, she is constantly thriving and fighting against the discrimination. She has spoke out against the misogyny and is constantly raising young women’s aspirations. She is a role model to young women across America by showing that you can accomplish quite a lot no matter your age.

What are your opinions on the backlash A.O.C is receiving? How would you respond to the backlash if you were in her shoes?