The Mystery Wallet in the Walls


Mattie Goad

As many people already know or have noticed, there is a lot of construction happening at Macon County Junior High School this year. The purpose of the recent construction is to add more classrooms and to expand the space in the cafeteria. While this construction was going on, the unthinkable happened. A man’s wallet was found in the walls of the school! Luckily, the ID of the owner was still inside, and that owner is Mr. Scotty Hall of Red Boiling Springs.

“The wallet was found in a wall during the demolition phase of the kitchen,” stated Jamie Kelley, Principal of MCJH. In an interview with Mr. Kelley, he explained that he wasn’t phased at first because things get lost all the time, but after hearing the whole story he became more intrigued by the found wallet. Although Mr. Kelley didn’t personally know the man, Mr. Carter, MCJH’s SRO officer,  did know him. According to Mr. Kelley, within a couple days of the  discovery, Scotty Hall was reunited with his lost wallet.

According to Scotty, he was confused when he received the call because he didn’t even remember the wallet at first. “All of my military information and social security cards and of course my drivers license were still in it. Unfortunately, there was no money,” said Scotty. After seeing the wallet, Mr. Hall did remember it based on the air force stamp on it, but he couldn’t really remember how he lost. He said it might have even been a ex-girlfriend who wanted a little revenge 29 years ago.