Picture Day: Coming Soon!


Madison McClard

Say CHEESE! We all know school pictures happen every year whether we like it or not. We mostly just look at pictures as a way to get out of class, but we still have to take them anyways. So this year on November 5th, make sure you look your best. These pictures will go in the yearbook and they will be will be looked back on throughout the years. .You don’t want to mess this up!

While waiting in line, be mindful of the virus that is going around. Just because you are out of class doesn’t mean you no longer need to social distance. You should be respectful to the adults in the room, along with your classmates. Be quiet in line, and stay in the order your teacher places you in. You should wear appropriate school attire, making sure your outfit follows the dress code.

So, don’t forget. School pictures are on NOVEMBER 5TH!

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