2020 vs. MCJH Clubs

The Effect 2020 is Having on our Clubs

Vanessa Kirby

We all know there have been many places, and the way they run things, that have changed due to the pandemic. The schools have most likely been the most affected places from the pandemic. Most schools around the world are virtual and do school at home. That’s the good thing about schools around here. Most of them are not virtual. Even though they aren’t virtual, they are still being affected by the Coronavirus. One thing that has changed or been affected in school, are the clubs. A few of the clubs had to be postponed for this year and there are many reasons for that. Most of the clubs are in fact happening this year, but they are taking precautions.

Beta, Band, and Interact are on! I have asked a few of the sponsors for each club why they decided to have their club this year. I also asked a few of them how they are taking precautions. I asked Mrs. Harmon for Beta and her response was, “I want this year to be as normal as possible for the students. We probably won’t be able to have a normal initiation, Christmas party or field trip. However, Beta Club is something students have worked hard to achieve. Students who are in Beta Club have excellent grades and conduct, they deserve the opportunity to be apart of this club and I’m glad we found a way to make it happen.” As for band, Mrs. Kile is doing things a little different. She said ” Due to concerns of big gatherings that we normally attend, and how close we have to be on stage or in the stands, we won’t be doing pep band or having a Christmas concert. We have still been able to play during class and keep learning music. There are plans being made to have a spring concert in April. Concerts take a lot of preparation as it is, but the fact that we can have a chance at performing is exciting.” Last but definitely not least, Interact. Mrs. Howser informed me about the Interact club, “Interact is continuing to do service projects when available such as the recent Purple Pinkie project for World Polio Day, but we cannot have meetings as we have in the past.” This concludes all of the clubs that are currently going on.

Now on to the clubs that are not going on this year. FCA, Drama club, and art have all been cancelled for right now or, quite possibly the whole year. Since these clubs are not going on, I asked a sponsor for each club why they decided to postpone their club this year. I have asked Mrs. Howser about FCA her response was, “Currently, due to the Covid19 situation and social distancing policies, our clubs are not allowed to meet.  This includes FCA and Interact.  Hopefully the situation and issue can be revisited and updated after the new year.  I am still in contact with our area FCA representative and we will start the meetings back as soon as we can.” For Drama and Art club I asked Mrs. Gregory. She said, “Mrs. Kirby and I didn’t think it wouldn’t be fair to either of the teams to only be in drama or art. We couldn’t have blue and white team making contact with each other. It happened to work out that we couldn’t have it anyways because lunch is in the auditorium this year.” If you were wondering why FCA, Drama, and Art club are postponed for this year, and you were hoping to join one of them, hopefully this helps you understand why they couldn’t happen this year.

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about Science club. Science club is iffy this year. Mr. Cothron, Mrs. Cothron, Mrs. Oliver, and Mrs. Roark are not sure if they are going to have science club. I asked Mrs. Roark, why they are undecided, and I asked if they have figured out if they’re going to have the science club or not. Her response was, “As of now, all activities for science club are on hold.  We did not think it would be possible to participate in our STEM activities and still observe safety measures.  Hopefully we can resume after Christmas.” In case you are wanting to participate in science club this year and was wondering if or when science club is happening hopefully this helps you understand. Just be sure to keep an ear open for more information either before or after Christmas break.

Please remember that all clubs would like to go back to normal as soon as they can, but due to the disastrous pandemic that we are living through, it can’t happen…at least not right now.