California on Fire


Harley Ritter

As of last Sunday, 4.1 million acres in California have been burned due to the constant on going of the wild fires. The fires started ruffly around September 5, 2020. Since the fire has started, it has burned down over 7,000 structures. Many families have lost their homes due to this fire, and at least 31 deaths accounted for in California alone.

How Can You Help People Affected by This?

You can help the people who were affected by this awful disaster by donating to different charity organizations. Some of these charity organizations include The California Fire Foundation, The United Way of Northern California, GoFundMe Wildfire Relief Hub, and The American Red Cross. Each of the links listed will provided a way to donate to wildfire victims in a variety of ways.

If you happen to be not eligible enough to donate directly, you can encourage family members and friends of yours to donate. It may not seem that important because the fires may not be affecting you, but try to consider what it is like to be in their shoes. Would you want people to provide assistance to you? I really encourage everyone to at least spread the issue and get it more well known, so people who have the extra money can help out in some way.


Do you know anyone affected by these fires? What are you gonna do to help the people affected?