The Constant Questioning of Masks’ Effectiveness


Mattie Goad

This year has been a crazy year, and we have had a lot of new changes from day-to-day of what actually prevents the Coronavirus. One thing that has been added to our everyday lifestyle is masks. At our school, masks aren’t required in the classrooms. However, on the commute to and from school on the buses, you are required to wear one, or you will get suspended from the bus.

Some people choose to wear a mask during the school day for their own safety, but most just go without. Doctors and scientists encourage people to wear masks to slow down the spread of the Corona Virus throughout the United States.

Many people have a lot of different opinions about masks on if they work or not. Masks can not get you out of getting inquired, many people wear the masks to decrease their chance of being sick with the nasty virus that has came over not only our country but the whole world. Masks are really more of an opinion when it comes to schools, or other environments, that don’t require the masks.

It is your decision of whether or not you where masks anywhere that doesn’t require them. (Please wear one if it is required for entry)