Stay Safe this Halloween

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet


Sierra Troutt

Have you ever been trick or treating before? If you haven’t, its when you go to people’s houses and get candy! Trick or treating  is an exciting topic to talk about because Halloween is this weekend! I’m going to tell you some ways to be safe while or treating.

Wear reflective clothing or bring a flashlight

If your out late at night trick or treating, you either need to have your parent wear reflective clothing, or you and your parent need to bring a flashlight. You want to make sure that drivers can see you, and your parents can easily find you if you get lost. If you don’t have any reflective clothes you can wear a neon color. If you want to wear something even more fun, buy some of the glow sticks and wear them as bracelets, necklaces, etc.

Stay Visible

Now that were in the beautiful season of fall, it gets darker earlier, so when you’re trick or treating you need to stay in your parents’ line of vision at all times. That way you don’t have to worry about getting separated from them. Staying visible can also help stay safe.

Wait until you are home to enjoy your candy

If you are going to eat your candy, like every normal kid does you need to wait until you get home. Let your parents check over your candy to check for opened packages. Some of the kindest looking people may have terrible ideas. Many people don’t expect others to be like that because they wouldn’t think like that. Just be safe!

Do not go to strangers houses

If you’re going to trick or treat you should only go to peoples house’s that you know. This is so that you know your candy has not been messed with, and you know you won’t get kidnapped. If you see something suspicious, try not to go that way. You also need to make sure that you stay on the sidewalk to stay safe.

Try not to cover your face

If your going to wear a mask, it may be smarter to stick to face paint. If you wear a mask, your parents aren’t going to be able to see your face and they could get you mixed up with another kid. Glitter is fun to use, so if you don’t want to do just boring little face paint you could look for the glitter kind. Masks can easily be lit up too! If your mask is something you definitely want to wear, you should! Put some glow sticks or something around or on it.

Remember you should only go to houses that have their front porch lights on.