Mrs. Lori Carter


Grace Clevenger

The teacher of the month for October is Mrs. Lori Carter, so I asked some questions to get to know her better.


Q: How long have you been teaching at MCJH?

A: I have been teaching at MCJH for 21 years.


Q: Was your dream job teaching or did you envision yourself in a different occupation?

A: I always wanted to be a hairdresser, but I realized hairdressers work long hours and do not have a retirement plan.


Q: What was your major in college?

A: My major in college was Elementary Education K-8, and I also have my EDS in Administration.


Q: What are your thoughts on the Coronavirus?

A: The coronavirus has disrupted our lives since March and is continuing to disrupt our lives.  We have to make adjustments to overcome this virus.


Q:If this isn’t intrusive, has the Coronavirus affected you or any relatives?

A:I don’t go see my relatives as often as I used to because I am afraid I will bring this virus to them.  I know we are probably exposed to it just about everyday at school.


Q:Were you planning on being a science teacher or did you want to teach a different subject?

A:I started out teaching kindergarten at West-side for two years, and then I moved to the Jr High teaching 6th Science.  I really like Science and teaching 6th graders.


Q:Do you have any kids or a spouse?

A:I am married to Clint Carter, and we have two girls, Morgan and Cadence.


Q:Do you have any pets, if so what are their names?

A:I have two dogs and 12 cats.

Dogs – Chipper and Beastin

Cats – Miracle, Arche, Myla, Arlo, Snowball, AJ, Daisy, and 5 kittens.


Q:What is your favorite thing about being a teacher at MCJH?

A:I like teaching at MCJH because of the students.  The students are independent and want to learn.


Q:What is it like being a teacher during the pandemic?

A:This school year is different because of the pandemic because we can’t do our normal class activities.  We can not do group work and hands on activities.