Halloween Spirit Week


Valerie Kirby

This year, Homecoming wasn’t planned very far ahead due to the late start for school, so there wasn’t much we could do for spirit week. Nobody would’ve been able to prepare for it. We are now doing spirit week the week of Halloween which is perfect because now you get to dress up all week long!

We tried to make the days fun for everyone! We really encourage you to participate! If you do, you can be featured on Tiger Talk and in the yearbook!

Murica’ Monday

Option 1: Wear red, white, and blue!

Option 2: Wear camouflage to represent our military.

This day is to show appreciation and love for our country and military. This is a great way to show your support!


Character/Celebrity Day (Tuesday)

You can be something as simple as Rachel and Monica with a friend!

Option 1: Favorite movie character

Option 2: Favorite TV show character

Option 3: Favorite cartoon/animation/Disney character

Option 4: Favorite book character

Option 5: Favorite celebrity

Option 6: Favorite historical figure

If you don’t think people will know who you are, you can wear a name tag. You can buy one of the name tags that says “Hi, my name is:….” You can dress up with a friend, a group, or be someone by yourself!


Color Day (Wednesday)

Option 1: Choose a color and wear that color from head to toe

Option 2: Wear neon colors or tie dye

Option 3: Go wacky tacky wearing crazy socks, mismatched colors, fun accessories.

We want to be able to see bright colors anytime we look into the halls! This is a great way to spread some happiness and positivity!


Blast from the Past and Back to the Future (Thursday)

Option 1: Dress up with the decades (20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s)

Option 2:  Dress up as a baby

Option 3:  Dress up as an elderly person

Option 4:  Dress up as your future career!

Use Pinterest or Google to come up with some awesome ideas.


Halloween Costume (Friday)

Option 1: Dress up as anything as you desire!

Option 2: Pair up with a friend and come as an iconic duo

Option 3: Group up with your friends and create a group costume!

Since Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, we wanted to give everyone a chance to show off their costumes to their friends…even if it is a day early!