Why We Should Change the Dress Code

Madison McClard

We all know that classroom and school rules are always apart of our school year. Sometimes rules can get in the way of things we wanna do, but we are constantly told they are to help us learn better. I think sometimes the rules are necessary and sometimes they should be changed.

One of these rules is the school dress code. Lots of people don’t like this rule. Why, you ask? Well, for example, if you have a hole in your jeans above the knee often times, you get in trouble. Any shorts, dresses, or jumpers have to be no shorter than the top of your knee while standing. You can wear leggings, but only if your shirt comes to the top of your knee. On your first offense you would usually only get a warning, but after about two offenses, you could have up to three days in B.I. If you have three offenses, it can be up to five days in B.I.

Lovemystyle Acid Natural Waist Skinny Jeans With Ripsleggings-with-a-tunic-or-dress.jpg 192×295 pixels | Dresses with leggings, Long denim shirt, How to wear leggingsThe first thing most people believe should be changed about the dress code is holes in your jeans. Holes at mid thigh are usually acceptable at many other schools or other environments, however holes above that should not be worn. To have holes at the mid-thigh is almost never considered “distracting.” If holes below your knee are fine, why can’t they be worn above your knee? It would allow students to dress more freely, and it would make it easier to buy and find jeans. Leggings should not be treated like this either. It can be very hard to find long “shirts” that go to your knees. When they are that long it is more of a dress. Because of everyone’s height differences, a long shirt on me may be a dress on you, or it could be a cropped top for someone else. I think if our shirts could be about 3-5 inches away from the top of the knee, it would be better and so much easier to find. Most people, students and parents, believe the dress code is pointed at the girls. Many guys already wear shorts to the knees outside of school, so there is no change for them. People also believe the schools are teaching the boys that they are free to wear what they want, but the girls should be controlled and only wear and do what they are told. Instead of making the girls have to have a whole new wardrobe from summer to school, teach the boys to not be distracted by the girls around them.

However, I can see in some cases how certain things wouldn’t be fine to wear. For example, if we were allowed to wear Shorts Woman Girl - Free photo on PixabayBlue Jeans - Trendy Thigh Ripped Jeans - Blue Distressed Jeans - $21 | Tobi USshorter shorts, then people would take advantage and wear super short shorts that shouldn’t be worn in many environments, especially not a learning/working ones. While standing, if you put your hands down by your side, then your fingertips will go to a certain point. I think holes and shorts/skirts should be no shorter than that length. I can see how some of these things would cause problems and make it challenging to judge whats allowed and what’s not.

I really hope things can be changed to the dress code in the future. Students will love having a more free way to dress. Even if the changes are small, progress is still progress!