The Legend of La Llorona


Deysy Matias-Garcia

A long time ago, a lady called by the name of Maria married a wealthy man, and she had 2 kids with him. Their marriage wasn’t the best. Her husband didn’t spend much time at home and began coming home less and less. But when her husband was home, he would only dedicate his time and attention to their kids and left out Maria by herself. Maria felt unhappy and jealous that her husband didn’t pay attention to her. Eventually one day, Maria saw her husband with another woman. Feeling betrayed and heartbroken, she got her 2 kids and took them to a nearby river. She then drowned them both but immediately began regretted it and cried out, “Ay mis hijos!” (“Oh, my children!”). Because she felt overwhelmed with grief and guilt, she drowned herself days after her children’s death. But when Maria arrived in the gates of heaven, they denied her and sent her to purgatory on Earth until she could find her missing children. Legend says if you see a lady with a white gown floating near a river crying, “Mis hijos” (“My children”), the best thing to do is RUN AWAY or else…”


Background about La Llorona

La Llorona is a very well-known legend in Mexico and is sometimes used to discipline children. This folktale has been passed down throughout generations of Hispanic kids and adults in Mexico and some people remember being told this story by their grandparents or parents. Even though the legend is famous, La Llorona doesn’t really have an origin or a way of how the legend started but you can find many different versions of the legend. La Llorona has also inspired many movies like; The Curse of La Llorona  and La Llorona. Many authors have also been influenced to write stories about this folktale. Even if you don’t believe in ghost or stuff like that, La Llorona surely does give you chills down your spine.


Credits to the website where I got some information.