5 DIY Activities for Thanksgiving

5 DIY Activities for Thanksgiving

Alisabeth Delgado

Thanksgiving is an amazing holiday! It is a great time for families to come together and give thanks. You may enjoy making DIY crafts to decorate things with family and friends.

Making Paper Pumpkins

Supplies: two pieces of construction paper, orange, one piece of green construction paper, one pipe cleaners, glue, scissors, and additional decorations.

Step 1. Cut the two orange pieces of paper into six long strips of paper.

Step 2. Use two strips of the orange paper and form them into a plus sign, and glue them together in the center.

Step 3. Next you will add strips in between the plus sign and glue them together at the top. Don’t bend the strips or it won’t look right.

Step 4. Cut off a medium size strip of the green paper.

Step 5. Fold the strip about 1/4 of the way and glue to the top of the strip to the pumpkin.

Step 6. Wrap 1/2 of the pipe cleaner around the green construction paper leaving about 1/4 of pipe cleaner on each side. Then curl the left over pieces.


Make Thanksgiving Question Cards

Supplies: Fall colored construction paper, markers or pens, white construction paper, scissors, and any additional fall decorations.

Step 1. Cut the variety pieces of paper into rectangles.

Step 2. Cut the white pieces of paper into squares smaller than your rectangles.

Step 3. Glue the white paper to the front of the rectangle shaped pieces of paper.

Step 4. Write down a question on the white part.

Step 5. Decorate

Step 6. Place pencils and pens in the middle of the table so they can answer.


DIY Pumpkin Treat Bags

Supplies: orange tissue paper, pipe cleaners, candy, pencil, googly eyes (OPTIONAL)

Step 1. Layer two pieces of tissue paper and place 4 to 5 pieces of candy in the center.

Step 2. Pull the corners together and twist

Step 3. Wrap half of the pipe cleaner around the top. Leave 1/4 of the pipe cleaner unwrapped.

Step 4. Grab a pencil and wrap the left over piece of pipe cleaner around the pencil. Gently pull the pencil out of the wrapped up pipe cleaner.

Step 5. Place two googly eyes on the front. (OPTIONAL)


Thanksgiving Turkey Treat Bags

Supplies: orange, yellow, and red tissue paper, googly eyes, orange construction paper, and a piece of thin rope

Step 1. Layer the tissue paper, one on top of the other. Order: red on the bottom, orange as the middle layer, yellow of the top.

Step 2. Next place 4 to 5 pieces of candy in the center.

Step 3. Pull the tissue together leaving extra sticking out at the top and twist 3-5 times.

Step 4. Tie the rope around the twisted part.

Step 5.Glue the googly eyes on the turkey.

Step 6. Cut one triangles from the orange construction paper.

Step 7. Glue the triangle on the turkey bag


Create a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt 

Supplies: pieces of paper, markers, and paper bags.

Step 1. Write down on all the pieces of paper the following items: pine cone, leaf, acorn, apple, pumpkin, and a rock.

Step 2. Tell participants to run around, find one of each of these objects, and put them in your bag.

Step 3. Put the list inside the bag paper bag and hand out the bags to your family and friends.

Step 4. Give the winner candy or a prize (OPTIONAL)