Trick or Treating… or Not?


Mattie Goad

I know some older kids don’t go trick or treating, but for the younger kids, this year could be a real let down if they didn’t get to trick or treat on Halloween. This year, with all the precautions due to the Coronavirus, things will be different for kids on Halloween night. The reason it may be dangerous is because kids will have their hands in the same basket and lot of germs could spread. Plus, most people will be crowded as they walk down the street or ride in the car with other friends not to mention the germs spread to young children by people they don’t even know.

I am sure many little kids will be heartbroken if they don’t get to go around from house to house exclaiming “trick or Treat” at people and receiving candy for it. On a normal Halloween, in a big city, you would see a countless number of kids come up to a house to reach in a bucket to grab candy, but this year, things are different.

Trick or treat, smell my feet | Kevin Dooley | FlickrAt least kids will still get to dress up in their costumes (even though it won’t be the same as showing off their costumes in front of their neighborhood).

Maybe for smaller towns and neighborhoods, kids can still trick or treat, but for the larger and more crowded cities, kids can find alternate ways to celebrate.

What do you think? Should Halloween go on as normal?