How To Make Friends In A New Place


Haeley Gibbs

It’s the beginning of the year and you’re taking a walk, but you don’t see anybody you know. Of course you don’t! You just moved to a new place (city, state, town, etc.) and you have no friends except back at home. There is no need to worry, though. Follow these easy steps, and you’ll have more than just one friend.

Volunteer in the community

Sharing some of your time each month will benefit your organization. Some perfect opportunities for you are:

  • Arts and culture
  • Animal welfare
  • Education and literacy

Join a sports team/league

Whether you are highly athletic or just enjoy having fun, there is a sports league for you. From competitive softball to flag football to “just for fun” dodge ball leagues, sports leagues create great ways to meet new friends in new cities.

Join a gym or try an exercise class

Joining gym helps you stay fit and get social. To add on one more step, try taking a class that is offered to you. A workout partner could become your friend outside the gym as well. If you are wanting to make strong bonds, join one of these places:

 Join a dance class

For this one, you don’t need to be an experienced dancer to join a class later in life. If you enjoy music and staying active, you’ll definitely make some new friends. You can try dancing without breaking the bank; search for dance lessons on Groupon to get a great deal.

Join a book club

Not only making friends easy while in a book club, reading is known to be excellent for the brain. Find a club where you can make new friends and have discussions. Maybe you can even unwind with a book each month. A couple of websites for finding the right book club are:

Take your dog to the park

A shared love of pets is an instant conversation-starter. If you love dogs and the outdoors, taking your dog to the dog park is definitely one of the best ways to meet new friends. No dog parks nearby? If meeting people in a new city is on your to-do-list, walk your dog in a popular place like downtown to run into potential new friends.

Go to the beach or lake

Relax in the sun with a book or play a volleyball game. You can also soak up in the water. Going to the beach or lake is fun and all, but opportunities for making new friends are easy to find here. Paddle-boarding or snorkeling is a couple of awesome ways to make friends.


Adjusting to a new city can be difficult, but always remember that you’re not alone! If you just moved and need some new friends, try some of the ideas in this article.

Be confident, be yourself, and be open to new social connections. Before you know it, you’ll feel settled in and establish genuine friendships with like-minded individuals.