How To Get Your Crush To Like You


Haeley Gibbs

Many of you probably have a crush right now. Some girls and boys just have a crush on a celebrity, but if you look at reality, there are many people who want a boyfriend or girlfriend. If you are one of those people, just follow these steps. First of all, you can smile at them. If they see you smile, they’ll think you are happy and want to talk to you. Don’t over do it, though. If you smile too much, they might think you are weird. You may also give them a intense eye stare. If you give them a glance or two, make sure you let them know it is for them and no one else. If those things don’t work out for you, just walk up to them and talk about something you have in common. Soon enough, you can ask them broad questions. You may also be random. Don’t forget to talk to them directly. Here are some more tips you can do:

  • Pass a note either to them or in their locker
  • Say hello or wave
  • Ask them about school projects
  • Sit near them
  • Laugh at their jokes
  • Compliment them
  • Playful manner

After about a couple months, you start to warm up to them. Once that happens, confess your feelings as soon as you see them. Don’t ever let your friends tell them. If they ask you something personal or remember small things you said to them in the past, that means they most likely like you back. Gain enough confidence to where if you get rejected you don’t get that upset. You can remain friends with them if you like. As said, I hope you enjoyed these easy tips!