Among Us: The New Popular Game To Play

Among Us: The New Popular Game To Play

Ben Hall

By now, most of you have probably heard of the new mobile game known as Among Us. Honestly, it is actually a really interesting game. You would not believe how many people I have seen with the colored astronauts as their profile picture, and that is just in the seventh grade! If you have not tried it yet, i recommend you do because if you don’t, you will be missing out. Many people share the opinion that this game is much more fun than Fortnite. If you think otherwise, I do respect that.

The Game Itself

The objective of the game is very simple. If you are a non-impostor, figure out who the impostor is and where they are hiding before he/she destroys you and the rest of the crew. You must perform tasks to keep the ship up and running. You can use the emergency button located near the center of the ship to try and eject the impostor off the ship, but you must choose wisely. The person whoever has the most votes is ejected, whether they are the impostor or not. Make sure to discuss this situation with the rest of the crew to narrow down your vote.

When you do tasks, you will probably need eyes in the back of your head! There is a chance that while you are uploading, downloading, scanning, or swiping something, the impostor could easily run up behind you. An easy but risky way to keep tabs on the rest of the crew is to use the security cameras located in a room near the reactor core of the ship.

On the other hand, if you are the impostor, your job is to destroy everyone else on the ship. You can make this job much easier by sabotaging different things on the ship. Your best bet is to cause the security cameras to go out, so that way there is a lower risk of getting caught. Creating a core meltdown is also a good way to cause a good distraction. Use the vents too if you need to make a fast getaway.

There are also multiple customizations and different colors to stand out from others. You can equip yourself with hats, pets, costumes, and more. Another fun thing that people do that makes me want to lose my mind is the way people will yell “sus” at you if you are in a way doing something “suspicious.”

If you feel as though you need a good recommendation for a great game, consider this article. Each day, more people play Among Us, and absolutely have a blast playing it. It is very addicting and fun, and is a very good murder mystery game. If you do not play it but have a mobile device, I recommend you try this game because it is an amazing game, and free too!