MCJH Football: A Happy Ending


Cadie Wohlgamuth

On October 3, the MCJH football team played in the second round of the semi finals. They had a big win. The district-championship game was on October 8 at York. The football players worked very hard all season to get to this point. They won the game!

We have had some amazing wins this year, and the final scores were outstanding. The final game was played on October 13, 2020. It was a happy but sad game for the 8th graders. The game score was 30-0. The team had some tough games but  still got through and won. The boys have made it through their season with a 10-0 record (10 wins and 0 losses).

We are very proud of the guys for being the first MCJH football team to get 1st place in the conference!


Coaching Staff:

Cody JettHead Coach 

Brandon Robertson

Jacob Coffee

Lionel Borders

Jeff Wheeley

Manager Eli Gammon


8th grade players:

Gabe Borders

Zach Borders

Caleb Carter

James Clark

Logan Cross

Braylon Flowers

Brody Frye

Luke Gammon

Hunter Griggs

Kelan Hire

Killian Jetton

John Krantz

Garet Latrell

Isaac McClard

Daylon Murphy

Hayes Polston

Tristan Redfield

Dakota Ridgeway

Robert Roddy

Dylan Sanders

Ty Swindle

Hunter Thompson

Ty Young


7th grade players:

Damien Amons

Gabriel Amons

Chayse Bartley

Christian Bennett

Bransen Capps

Landon Dotson

Tanner Gilmore

Bryce Hammock

John Paul Harris

Dalton Holland

Ashton Hoskins

Mason Hudgins

Markus Jones

Tre McClain

Cristan Merritte

Collin Mossbarger

Tate Ritter

Koye Russell

Landon Scruggs

Gavin Upchurch

Matthew Wheeley

Tallon Whitemore

Dawson Whittemore