Logan Cross

An Interview with Football Player Logan Cross


Madison McClard, Student Features Editor

Q. What grade are you in?

A.  I am in 8th grade.

Q.  How old are you?

A. I am 14 years old.

Q. What’s your favorite football team?

A. My favorite football team is Tennessee.

Q. Do you have a favorite player on the team?

A. Not necessarily, I like them all!

Q.  If you play football, what position do you play?

A. My positions are center and nose guard.

Q. Do you want to play football in college?

A. I do not want to play football in college.

Q. What’s your favorite NFL team?

A. I really like the patriots.

Q. Who’s your favorite player on the Patriots?

A. My favorite player on the Patriots team is Cam Newton. When he played for Auburn in college, he got drafted first overall.