How the Coronavirus Will Effect the Election

How the Coronavirus Will Effect the Election

Harley Ritter

The coronavirus could really effect the election more than most people think. Since voting in person is considered dangerous because of the coronavirus outbreak, most people are voting by mail this year (or at least trying to). According to polls, Democrats are three to four times more likely to vote by mail than Republicans. Because most Democrats are voting for Joe R. Biden, most of his votes will be by mail. This isn’t really good for his case because of how complicated mail voting is.

The Problem with Voting by Mail

Over the past election years, most Americans voted in person. Because of the coronavirus outbreak, this will be many peoples first time voting by mail. Voting by mail is extremely complicated. You have to do a number of things to your ballot to be able to mail it without it getting rejected. Some of these things include postmarking your ballot, signing in various places, using the proper amount of envelopes, etc. Most first time voters will not know the proper way to go through with these procedures. There are also many studies that show many of the first time voters who voted by mail in the past had their ballots rejected. This will cause many of the Democrats’ ballots (because most of the people voting by mail will be Democrats’) to be rejected because their mail ballots wasn’t prepared properly enough.

So in conclusion, the votes in the end will most likely lean towards the Republican candidate, Donald J. Trump. To make sure most, if not all, votes are valid in the election, we as a community highly recommend voting in person. The coronavirus does not seem to spread as effectively between quiet masked people in grocery lines, so it wouldn’t spread more effectively in voting lines. If you are truly committed to voting this November, grab a mask and go vote in person.

How do you plan on voting? If you not old enough to vote, how would you vote if you were?