Top 5 Sports Animes to Binge Watch

Angel Ferguson

Throughout my whole life, I’ve always loved a good animated show to watch. The visualization you get when watching the characters fight. Or when you watch the characters make funny faces that make you chuckle. Those experiences are good, but sometimes, those shows bore me half to death. But one day, I came across the genre of sports anime that hit all the soft parts of my heart. It also helped me understand how some sports work. So, I’ve made a list dedicated to all of the sports anime I’ve watched so far.


This show about volleyball is one of the most lovable shows I have ever seen. The characters are so funny, and they each have their own unique personality that makes them special. The show also shows off the flaws that each team has and shows that teamwork does indeed make the dream work.

Kuroko No Basket

Kuroko No Basket is a awesome show for people who love basketball. In Japan, Basketball is a commonly watched and loved sport. It’s a story about a determined basketball team wanting to make it to the national tournament. Of course the teams don’t always win, but that’s what making the show so interesting and inspiring.

Ace of Diamonds

Ace of Diamonds is a baseball anime that focus’ in on the lives and goals of the baseball team. Along with basketball, baseball is a well-liked, common sport in Japan. I have heard that many fans of this show love the scenes and sounds because they captivate the viewers attentions.

Run with the Wind

If you enjoy track and field and love it as a sport, Run With The Wind is the right show for you. This show also focuses of character development and obstacles the characters work out. The show tends to capture the life of living in college.

Yuri on Ice

Yuri on Ice is probably one of the weirdest sports show to watch. The show is about professional figure skating. The characters are sometimes goofy. The art style when they skate are captivating and intriguing. It’s a heartfelt anime, and Yuri On Ice is one of those shows that grabs the viewers attention.


What is your favorite sport? Is there a sport that you would like to see an anime of?