Top 5 Best Things To Do In Quarantine


Ben Hall

Have you ever been bored at home during quarantine and with absolutely nothing to do but binge-watch The Office or some anime show on Netflix all day? Well, we all know how that feels. But, there is much, MUCH more to do than eat ice cream on the couch while running Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ marathons. That’s right, I know who you people are!

Anyways, here is the disclaimer: I did some thinking and compiled a list of some of the best things you can do to take your mind off of everything that is going on in the outside world. Read it, and you will know what I mean. Also, this is just MY OPINION. That means you don’t have to agree with what I have written down here.

5. Playing video games

Playing video games all day during quarantine isn’t really too bad. It is a good way to relieve stress and have fun all at the same time. If you also play on a console such as Playstation or Xbox, you can even play with friends via voice chat! It is an awesome way to escape the real world craziness and do something fun alone or with friends.

4. Reading Books

Even though I am not a big reader myself, I thought those people who love a good story would like this section. Sometimes, reading books is a good thing to do just to feel a sense of peace. Reading is also another good way to escape the craziness that has happened this year. Whenever I read something like I Survived, I feel like I am actually there during those events instead of being stuck in 2020.

3. Binge-Watching Shows/Movies on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc.

This is probably the one I do most. Watching the movies and shows you love can bring joy to people during this hard time. Even if you are watching a marathon of The Office, The Simpsons, or even crying at the end of the new Star Wars The Clone Wars season finale, it is a good thing to pass the time. Another good thing to do is to talk to your family or friends and schedule a movie night every so often. If you do not like binge-watching shows, I don’t even know if you are human!

2. Going Outside/Exercise

If you are more of an extrovert, this section is for you. You may want to stay inside your house all day, cooped up in a room, scared of what is going on in the outside world. Even if its just going for a walk, going all out in a Nerf gun battle, or even just sitting outside and getting some vitamin D. There are a ton of things to do outside, so immerse yourself in that and not all the craziness happening in other places.

1. Stay in Communication With Others

This section combines literally everything on this list plus more. Keeping a sturdy connection between loved ones and friends can help to not make you feel alone during this hard time. If you have a mobile device, that will make communication so much easier. If you do not have a phone or some kind of mobile device, try talking to family or friends when you see them at school, work, church, or other places.

I hope this list was helpful. I know the times right now are extremely difficult and challenging. For now, the best we can do is do what we can to knock this virus out and begin life like normal again. To help make this go away somewhat quicker, WHERE A MASK WHEN YOU GO OUT TO PLACES!


Anyways, what do you think is a good way to pass the time during quarantine?