Dangers of Opening Sports


Noah Hansen, School Events Editor

Are you worried about being exposed to any virus while watching or playing your favorite sports?

Whether you are going for the winning basket, a touchdown, or the final kick… or whether you’re just watching from the stands, there will always be someone in close contact. That is not following CDC guidelines as everyone must stay six feet apart. It’s a scary thought for those who are remaining cautious!

With that being said, it is understandable that everyone wants to have a sense of normalcy and get back into our normal school and sport routine.

At every game, there will be people around you or playing against you and who knows where all these people have been or who they have been exposed to?!

Spectators should continually sanitize, keep a safe distance, and wear a mask. Players should pay close attention to their health and symptoms before each game. Also, players and coaches should keep equipment cleaned that way the virus doesn’t spread to other people that pick up the same equipment.

I asked our principal, Mr. Kelley, what precautions were taking place here at our own stadiums and gym during fall sports. In the bleachers, fans are requested to stay six feet apart, but it hasn’t exactly been enforced. I asked Mr. Kelley how the stadiums are cleaned, and he said, “The restrooms are cleaned during and after the games. After the games the concession stands and the locker rooms are being sanitized. As far as the stadium I have no idea.”

In the end, you should just be smart about it. Always consider others! If you are feeling sick, please stay home. It would be inconsiderate to risk someone’s health over a game.

Are you worried about attending sports events?