New Additions to the School


Vanessa Kirby

We all know there have been numerous trees cut down and lots of bricks chiseled away since our school is under construction. Most of us have some questions. One of those questions being: What is all this construction anyway? To find out, I interviewed Principal Kelley and now I’m ready to share the details with you!

Q: What is the purpose of the construction?

A: Due to population growth, we are expanding our cafeteria and adding 12 new classrooms to our building.  The hall going to the new wing will go through Mr. McClard’s classroom!


Q: Why did you decide to add on to that specific part of the school?

A:The decision to add on  to certain parts of the school was based solely on cost effectiveness.  We were going to have a brand new cafeteria built in our courtyard, but it was changed because of cost.


Q: How long do you think the construction will last?

A: The construction is projected to be finished in 10 months.  The contract with the Board of Education allows for 11 months and for every day over 11 months the construction company has to pay our Board of Education $500.


Q: Why did you want to add on to the school?

A: It really wasn’t my decision, but our BOE knows we are “busting at the seams” and they are trying to reduce overcrowding.


Q: When was the decision to add on to the school made?

A: The decision was finalized in March of 2020 but has been in the works for several years.


Q: Do you expect people to be able to notice a difference in the new part from the rest of the school?



So, are you excited to see all the changes to our school? What other changes would you like to see in the future? Comment below!