Good News You Need To Read About


Deysy Matias-Garcia

Aside from the pandemic and the death tolls rising, we should take some time to think about the good things happening around the world. We all need something to brighten our days!


1. An 11-year Old Uses Lemonade Stand Money to Buy Diapers for Single Moms.

11-year old Cartier Carey started a lemonade stand during the summer and made $4,500 in the first month. After Cartier Carey raised enough money, he then bought 22,000 diapers for single moms who are struggling during the pandemic. He is a true hero!


2.  Daughter Helps Father Save Taco Truck Using the Power of Social Media.

Taqueria El Torito had been struggling throughout the pandemic. One Saturday, after the truck only made $6 for the day, the owner’s daughter 21-year old Giselle Aviles took the opportunity to use social media to help her father’s business. She went to Twitter and wrote a short message to people asking them to spread the word about her father’s Taqueria in Humble, Texas. After her post went viral, people from their community and other communities came to their Taqueria to come enjoy her father’s tortas and other foods. Now that just proves that social media is powerful!


3. Rare Turtles Known for Their Permanent Smile Saved from Extinction.

Burmese Roofed Turtles (AKA the smiling turtle) have been saved from extinction! Not too long ago, these turtles were in the line of extinction due to being over-hunted, medically researched, pet trade, reckless egg harvesting, and destruction of habitat. Many people doubted that these turtles were still around, and they thought that they had become extinct. In 2001, when Dr. Kuchling happened to visit a pond in a Buddhist temple, where the turtles once habituated. To his surprise, he saw three baby turtles smiling at him from the pond. Thanks to his discovery, the WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society) managed to save over 1,000 of these turtles. Now these turtles really do have a reason to smile.


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