Janitors Without Credit

Aaiden Sudduth, Student Writer

In schools and workplaces around America there are janitors, and to be more exact, janitors who are not deemed the respect and credit they deserve. You may go to school and barely notice a janitor when in all actuality they do so much work that’s beyond compare. To go along with the little amount of credit they obtain, they also have a low salary. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics a full time job as a janitor will pay around $24,850 per year, and while at first it may seem like a lot it really isn’t. The reason that this yearly pay really isn’t much is because of taxes, bills, outside payments due to an accident, and food, that frankly will take away so much of the payment that very small amounts will be left for other things. Along with the generally low pay, they have to deal with the disgusting conditions of so many rooms. These gross conditions are often caused by people who are either too lazy to pick it up or know janitors will do it. This kind of attitude towards janitors causes them to do more work and ultimately is just very inconsiderate. 

Now consider schools, the kids there are non observant and don’t care about the messes they make. This leads to terrible conditions that janitors have to go and clean up nearly everyday but that’s not even the worst. Sometimes kids vomit at school and who is left to clean that nasty mess up? The janitors. When a kid has to use the restroom and that stuff doesn’t flush, well janitors gotta take care of that mess too. Along with the abhorrent conditions they must clean they have excruciatingly confusing shifts. At schools janitors have to work almost every day of the week, but then they get off with no pay. The only viable option they have after that is to simply go get a new job with a new schedule and new pay.

Now that is simply just for school janitors, imagine how difficult a normal janitor’s job would be. Constantly having to get up in the morning to go and clean up an old building, no matter how nauseating it is. For anyone who is slightly germaphobic this would be an absolute nightmare that would be a horrible time. Now this is almost EVERY day of the year not including any holiday breaks. 

Being a janitor isn’t easy and a largely disliked as a job by many. This job should be more respected by the public but it simply isn’t, so next time you see your local janitor, remember to thank them for all of their troubles.