Fairies from the Grave


Alyssa Walker and Emily Arnold

Mark walked around town on a lovely spring day. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the air smelled of fresh bread. I mean, he was walking right next to the bakery. They have the best bread. Mark decided to go to the park and look at the scenery. The park was the one area in the town that you could be right next to the forest in public. The rest is blocked off by a gate. He watched the school silently. He then remembered what he was like in school. A terrible kid that always caused chaos wherever he went. He hated school.

Jane sat in class tiredly writing in a journal to make sure she had all the notes she needed. She then took a break just to see what was out the window. She looked out the window then stared at the gate, the only thing separating her from the dark forest that surrounded the town. As soon as she glanced away, the sound of the bell ringing drowned out her thoughts. As she grabbed her things and quickly left the school she heard a different bell.. A bell she only realized from practices. It was the fairy invasion, but it was mixed with a zombie invasion bell.

“Both at the same time? Did zombies and fairies decide to invade at once?” Jane thought to herself for a moment then ran home.

Mark saw something suspicious out of the corner of his eye. It was… a mythical creature? It looked different.. Unsettling.. Their clothes were ragged, they had white eyes, and they were foaming at the mouth.. It looked like a fairy.. But it wasn’t.. “What the…” Mark said to himself. He wasn’t too scared.. for now. It’s a good thing he can use a bat. Suddenly, a very loud scream was heard. The creature had attacked someone. Mark was filled with fear and dread. He decided to run home and gather stuff up just in case. He only had himself to worry about since he lived alone. 

The entire town heard this scream. Jane and Mark could suddenly hear screams from all around as more and more people were being attacked. This caused Jane to panic, only grabbing weapons and food. She quickly ran outside to see how many more people had been attacked. 

  Mark grabbed food, water, and his bat. He packed those things into a backpack then grabbed some more necessities. He stayed in his house, locking all the doors and windows. There were suddenly many of those zombie fairy type monsters knocking on his doors and windows. He knew he would have to leave this house. How was he going to leave? He knew how.. He would have to fight his way through. He went to his front door and took a deep breath. Then another breath.. “One.. two.. THREE!” He mumbled then yelled. He swung the door open and bashed zombies left and right. He bashed his way through all the fairy zombie things and ran out of his house. He ran to a fence that he knew would keep the zombie things out for a while.

Jane started to run towards the fence; fighting anything that crossed her path that wasn’t a natural animal or human. Making sure she had no wounds she continued running. She stopped right at the fence, looked around, then got ready to jump over. Jane suddenly felt a hand on her and turned around to find a zombie fairy right in front of her. 

 Mark saw the zombie near her and bashed it’s head without hurting her. He then jumped over the fence and stopped. He knocked out more of the zombie fairies with his bat on the other side of the fence. Jane then shot some of the fairies before jumping over the fence and looking to see who helped her.

“Who are you… and why did you help me?” Jane stated.

“You don’t need to know who I am. Just be thankful I didn’t ignore a weakling like you.” Mark stated rudely.

“You really want to call me a weakling when you only have a bat and I have guns and knives? That’s funny.” Jane started to walk away after saying this.

“I’m better with a bat than any of those weapons. Plus a zombie thing literally touch your shoulder. I wouldn’t let one get that close again.”

Jane stops and says “I was about to kill it before you showed up, but if you think I can’t handle myself then why don’t we just stick together?”

“Sure. Why not.”

To Be Continued…