Questions About the Coronavirus


Deysy Matias-Garcia, Writer

Many people are aware of the new virus called coronavirus which has spread into other countries even the United States! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.


What is the Coronavirus?

This might be the first question you ask yourself when you read this article. The Coronavirus is a virus that can cause fever and shortness of breath. Serious cases of coronavirus can cause pneumonia, kidney failure and even death. In total, there is 7,700 cases worldwide and more than 130 people have died from the virus.

Where did the virus originate?

The new virus likely came from bats, scientists say. It’s not sure where or how it jumped to humans though. According to health officials, they believe the outbreak originated in a large animal and seafood market in Wuhan, China.

How serious is this new virus?

This new virus is serious. Back in 2012, a similar virus in Saudi Arabia killed 858 people out of the 2,494 infected people. The current number of deaths today is 213, and it keeps on growing. There are at least 7,700 people infected with this new virus worldwide.

Has the new virus spread into the United States?

Unfortunately, the virus has arrived here in the United States. In total there are at least 23 countries (including the United States) that have the new virus, but luckily not as much as China. The United States only has 6 people that are infected with coronavirus. The states that have the infected people here in the U.S. are Illinois, California, Washington, and Arizona.

Is there a cure for the coronavirus

Sadly, there isn’t a cure for this deadly disease, but health officials recommend washing your hands and to also cover your mouth when you’re coughing.