Miss Macon County Junior High 2020


Laura Bray

The Macon County Jr. High 2020 Pageant occurred on Saturday, January 25, 2020.

The contestants who participated in the annual pageant were Laura Bray, Halie Brown, Ella Flynn, Bailey Turner, Carlie Shockley, Macy Turner, Mali Clark, Jayden Strack, and Laykin Ellis.

The first walk that the girls had to do was an upbeat music walk. The next walk was the individual walk. The last walk was where the girls had to come out in 3 groups of 3.

After the girls had done their final walk, it was time to announce the top 5. The 5 girls that came back were Halie Brown, Laura Bray, Carlie Shockley, Ella Flynn, and Laykin Ellis. Once they were called out, the girls completed another individual walk.

After that, it was time for questions. The question for each girl was “How would you describe your personality?” The contestants had to exit the stage and go to a private room so that they didn’t hear each other’s answers.

The final part of the pageant is when the judges announced the top 3 girls out to give them their awards.


Halie Brown, Ella Flynn, and Laura Bray were brought back out for the top 3. The time had came to announce the winners.  Miss Photogenic was awarded to Halie Brown. Miss Congeniality was awarded to Laura Bray. The 2nd runner up went to Ella Flynn.

After they had announced the 2nd runner up, the two girls had to come to the middle and hold hands. 1st runner up was awarded to Laura Bray,and finally, and Halie Brown was crowned Miss Macon County Junior High 2020.

Everyone who participated in this pageant looked beautiful and confident, and most importantly, everyone supported each other and had a great time.