5 Ways to Ask Someone to Formal


Marley Skahl

8th grade formal is a super fun experience at MCJH and while we create memories there, it’s a little bit more fun to go with a date! But when asking someone to go with you to this celebration, why not spice it up a bit? The best way of making memories is going all out!

Rather than passing someone a note during class saying, “Go to formal with me? Check yes or no.” What are some better ideas to have your date starstruck? Here are a few ideas that you can do to leave them astonished!

1. Use Candy! -Nobody can resist candy, and after using this method, your date surely could not resist your invitation! Try getting a poster board and pasting candy in place of certain words with a message asking them to formal!

2. Use Songs!-Music is one of the best ways to someone’s heart, so, try singing a parody of a song about asking them to formal, or writing the lyrics on a poster board! Or you can always be creative and write your own song!

3. Send Them a Snack!- Using food is a fun, cute, and delicious way to ask someone to go to formal with you! For example, order a pizza to their location and ask to put pepperonis (or any toppings) in the pattern of words asking, “Formal?”. Or you could ask to make the pizza a shape of a heart with writing on the box asking them to formal! You could also use doughnuts saying, “I ‘Donut’ want to go to formal without you!” or, “Please ‘Donut’ say no…Formal?”

4. Make a Puzzle for Them!- If your date loves puzzles, or even if they don’t, this is a creative way to ask them to formal! You can print your note onto an actual jigsaw puzzle, or you can try making a crossword puzzle, word search puzzle, or fill in the blank that has your promposal as the answer!

5. Use a T-Shirt or Hat!- Why make a sign when you can wear one? Write the question on a shirt or baseball cap and wear it to surprise your date! You can write something as simple as, “Formal?” on it ,or get a custom made shirt for both of you as a souvenir!